What kind of writer am I?

My story follows a similar path to that of many other writers; I knew from a young age that I was born a writer. There are those who love to write when they can carve out time, and there are those who cannot stop themselves from writing, even when they have no time. I’ve always know that I fall into the second category. I write, not because I want to, but because I have to.

Several important things had to happen for me to become an author though. First, I had to learn that writing is the soul on paper. If a writer is willing to share a piece of their soul with every work, they can reach an audience in a way that few other art forms can. Once I got over my fear of sharing myself, I was ready for the next step in the process. The next step was learning that writing is revision. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves! I had to learn how to critique my own writing, take the critique of others, develop a thick skin, and revise, revise, REVISE.

The evolution of my writing can be seen most candidly in the differences between

The Officer’s Wife  The officer's Wife Final eBook Cover

and The Prostitute’s Daughter  23014404


When I wrote The Officer’s Wife, more than ten years ago, I was a completely different person. I was in an abusive marriage, and writing was my means of escape, rather than my craft. At that time in my life, all I knew was that I couldn’t stop writing no matter how hard I tried. I wrote all kinds of things. I wrote autobiographical short stories, I wrote horror, I wrote poems, I wrote humor, I wrote women’s fiction, and I wrote romance. I didn’t know what kind I writer I was yet. The Officer’s Wife is a testament to that fact. It straddles the gap between serious women’s fiction and contemporary romance with a fairytale twist.

Flash forward ten years… I found myself in Engineering school and dealing with single parenthood, yet I could not stop writing! Even when I had hours of Calculus homework, I would stay up an extra hour to work on The Prostitute’s Daughter. By this time, my identity as a writer was more secure. I had claimed my little stake in the romance genre. Once I decided to embrace interracial romantic fiction as my chosen genre, I was able to focus on improving the elements that are important to the genre.

As my writing continues to evolve and get better, I will always look back on my first book with fondness. If I hadn’t written about a character finding self-assurance and confidence before I found it for myself, perhaps my life would have turned out differently.

Thanks for reading!
~Adrienne R.


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