# What Does the Shiny Red Button Do?

I only recently started using Twitter. As an author, I know I should be totally ashamed of my appalling lack of social media prowess, but it is what it is.

About a week ago, I started working on my hashtag game. My current morning routine involves checking the trending hashtags on Twitter as I settle in for a day of writing. Usually the hashtags seem kind of fun and frivolous, and I am able to join in on some lighthearted fun. Today, however, a hashtag with all the potential to be fun hit me hard.

Really, really hard.


The moment I saw it, I thought, “I would give Donna her son back.”

My heart beat a little faster as a massive list came rolling through my previously happy thoughts.

I would give my author friend Sage her two sisters back.

I would give Suzy her daughter back.

I would cure Peggy’s Cancer.

I would get better insurance coverage for my cousin who struggles with ADD and depression.

I would give every person in an abusive relationship the courage, the self-love, and the means to leave.

I would give my best friend the assurance that her two special needs children are going to grow up to lead happy and meaningful lives.

I would give kids who feel inadequate from constant standardized testing an education system that works better to bring out the best in them.

I would give those in the fight to raise minimum wage a freaking raise AND more respect, because no US citizen working full time should be expected, yes I said EXPECTED, to live in poverty.

The list goes on and on. There are so many things that I would do with my shiny red button.

But, I live in a little place called reality. I know people like me rarely ever have the magical, shiny red button. Instead, people like the Walton Family (heirs to the WalMart fortune) and [insert name of ANY scumbag politician] have all the red buttons.

And what do they do with them??

Anything that benefits them and keeps the rest of us normal folks in our places, which, according to them, is down.

No, I don’t have access to a shiny red button, and that makes me incredibly sad.

If you had access to a shiny red button that had the power to change something, what would your shiny red button do?

With Love,

~Adrienne D’nelle Ruvalcaba